Thursday, March 24, 2011

Suggestions and Support

Thanks everyone for giving me such great feedback on my first post. I am relieved that it didn't suck! Anyway, I have taken on board the feedback from Jessica and made a new addition to the blog. If you look across the top of the blog, you will see that I have added a page called "Recipes". This is where you will find a more formal version of the recipes that I feature here, for those times that you would like to try them out yourselves. Oh, and I hope some of you do try them out as the only recipes I will post are ones that are truly delicious and have been a huge success for me. That's it for this post, but I am going to talk about my painting in my next post and will be adding a page with some pictures of things that I have painted, both recently and over the many years that I have been doing folk art.

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J said...

My wife would love this blog, its awesome!