Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mad Hatter's Tea Party - Kerrie's Kreations

Normally my posts are about my own creations but today it is about my sister Kerrie. Last weekend was a joint 40th birthday party for Ja and myself and it was a Mad Hatter themed affair. My gorgeous sister Kerrie offered to help with our birthday cake as I wanted a topsy turvy cake with lots of character pieces on it. In the end she made the whole thing with me acting as her fondant colourist and assistant (which suited my skill set perfectly I think). I was overwhelmed by how amazing each piece was and spent the weeks before the party excitedly anticipating each piece as she sent me the next photo on my phone. Here is the link to her blog so that you can see for yourself how amazing her work is! Be sure to like her facebook page too. Kerrie's Kreations are absolutely outstanding.

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