Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kitchen 1 - Jen 0

My SH has taken the kids to visit his family in Yarrawonga for an four-day weekend, leaving me at home for work - and a bit of "me" time. I have enjoyed my weekend, with dinners out , movies, shopping and of course, lots of work (I picked up some extra shifts, yay $$). When I realised that I would be alone for an extended period I decided that I wouldn't cook. At all. Now, you've probably realised that I love to cook. So this was going to be my break. Four whole days without doing more than heating up my Tupperware Rock'n'Serve container filled with tasty left-overs. I have plenty of meals in my freezer, so it should have been fine.


Sunday morning and I woke up feeling fabulous. Breakfast in bed (although I had to make it myself) with the newspaper for company. Then some lunch and some gardening, what a gorgeous Spring day it was. I took myself shopping and to the movies. Red Dog is definitely a "must see" movie! I laughed and cried along with the rest of the audience. I think I must have been high from the great day, because I came home and just HAD to bake.

I pulled out my family recipe book (the one with all the hand written recipes in it) and dug around for one I haven't made in a while. I found my recipe for Coffee Kisses, and decided to make a chocolate version instead. At least the kids can eat them then!  If you get the urge to try these biscuits you won't be disappointed.

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